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We warmly welcome referrals from a broad spectrum of health care professionals, in addition to self-referrals initiated by individuals seeking our services. Our primary focus is to facilitate an effortless transition from the referral point through to the completion of your treatment. Upon receipt of your referral, our dedicated care team will promptly get in touch with you. The objective of this initial interaction is to schedule your first consultation, which is a vital component of your treatment journey. Your initial consultation encompasses a comprehensive discussion with our dental specialist regarding the origin and progression of your dental issue. During this session, a thorough examination of your dental condition will be conducted, which may involve the use of X-rays, if necessary, to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Our clinicians will seize this opportunity to enlighten you about your diagnosis in a manner that’s comprehensible to you. We will elucidate all possible treatment options that align with your unique dental needs and provide our professional recommendations. Our specialist will also entertain any queries or concerns that you may have at this point. The goal here is to foster open communication, ensuring you feel involved and comfortable with the proposed treatment plan.


In addition, our specialist will take into account how the recommended treatment fits into the context of your overall dental health and ongoing treatment needs. This comprehensive view allows us to provide you with a holistic treatment approach. Necessary coordination and communication with your general dentist will be done by our team to guarantee your treatment plan is integrally aligned.Post-consultation, our care team will then coordinate the scheduling of your subsequent appointment. Our specialists will confirm your planned treatment, further discuss what you can anticipate from your visit, and address any additional questions you may have. The culminating phase of your treatment, such as a root canal procedure, is handled with utmost care by our specialists. Following the completion of your treatment, our specialist will liaise with your regular dentist, providing all the necessary information about your treatment and any additional treatment that may be required. Our mission is to ensure a seamless and optimally efficient referral process, making your transition back to your dentist smooth. We strive to offer not just an exceptional dental service, but an experience that respects your individual needs and ensures your dental health is our paramount concern.


Working in
partnership with you

Our highly skilled clinicians have been seeing referred patients for many years.

We are experienced at managing these relationships, so you can be assured that we will only attend to your patient for the treatment that has been referred to us. Your patient will then be promptly referred back to your good care. To refer a patient to one of our practices or clinicians, simply complete and submit the referral form below. Please include all relevant clinical information regarding the case and remember to attach any x-rays and/or photos if relevant.

After reviewing the submitted information we will contact your patient to introduce ourselves and book them in. We will also keep you fully updated on progress of your referral throughout. Once we have dealt with the issue(s) that you have requested us for your patient to their complete satisfaction – we will promptly discharge them back to your good care.

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