Health Screening

Every patient would differ in their needs and so health screening is geared towards that rich tapestry of how everyone of us is unique. Our tailored health screens are designed to identify underlying health conditions but also screen you for future health risks and concerns.

As a basic for each patient we analyse you medical history, and undertake a clinical examination to identify good heath but also signs of any potential ill health. As a minimum this would be an hour long consultation and includes requesting baseline blood tests including: full blood count, kidney and liver function, thyroid function, bone health, iron levels, diabetes and basic vitamins, and a urine analysis for blood/protein/infection.

We will then sit and discuss our findings and agree a plan forward as what further investigations tests we would need to do, for example:

  • ECG (tracing of the heart rhythm)
  • Echocardiogram (scan of the heart to assess function)
  • 7 or 14-day rhythm monitors
  • Radiological investigations like Ultrasound or MRI of every part of the body, as clinically appropriate.
  • DEXA scans for Osteoporosis
  • Colonoscopy, gastroscopy, for stomach and bowel health
  • Carotid doppler scans for checking patency of carotid arteries,
  • Other investigations can also be arranged as appropriate and in consultation with experts in their field.
  • Referral to world class specialists in their fields in and around Harley Street

Complimentary Consultation for the first 20 registrations at Privé Clinics!

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