At Privé Medical, we’re dedicated to optimising corporate well-being by providing easy access to expert medical care. Our comprehensive range of medical services ensures that your employees and embassy personnel receive the highest standard of care, promoting health and productivity within your organisation.

Our services include

  1. Corporate Well-being and Preventative Health: We offer tailored programmes to promote employee wellness and prevent common health issues.

  2. Pre-employment Screens & Health Screens: Ensure your workforce is healthy and fit for duty with our thorough pre-employment and health screening services.

  3. Alcohol & Drugs Testing: Maintain a safe and drug-free workplace environment with our reliable testing procedures.

  4. Doctor Consultations and In-house Doctor Sessions: Access prompt medical advice and treatment through our convenient in-house doctor consultations.

  5. Specialist Referral: When specialised care is needed, we provide seamless referrals to trusted specialists, ensuring comprehensive medical attention.

  6. Flu & Travel Vaccinations: Protect your employees and embassy staff with our range of flu and travel vaccinations, essential for maintaining health during international travel and seasonal outbreaks.

With Privé Medical’s CORPORATE & EMBASSY GP Service, you can trust that your team’s health is in expert hands. Contact us today to discuss how we can support the well-being of your organisation.

Complimentary Consultation for the first 20 registrations at Privé Clinics!

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